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Carlota Guerrero Biography Instagram

Carlota Guerrero is a director, photographer and creative director who lives and works in Barcelona.She started experimenting with analogic photography in her teenage years by capturing her private life, and little by little she created a unique imagery and language that now she uses to express the things that move her, storing thus a set of multiple experiences and ideas.

Her works are characterised by a search for balance, by loops and cycles, and also by a very specific use of colour and light. After collaborating with Solange Knowles as Art Director and photographer of the artwork and music videos of A Seat at the Table, she’s currently immersed in more personal projects, investigating concepts such as self-knowledge, instinct, body language and femininity.

David Bertram Biography Instagram

Former creative, David Bertram has a gift in creating awesome visual concepts.

His sharp eye for composition, his strong sense of rythm and his technic for story telling led him to win the Young Directors Award in Cannes in 2015.

Whether it is dark or poetic, absurd or sensual, David takes us into his alternate reality, striving to challenge the expected, with a real taste for stunning images.

His know-how to every step of the production process enables him to maintain the visual grace and refinement the narrative content deserves.

Diana Kunst Biography Instagram

Diana Kunst is guided by her roots as a still photographer: light, framing, and composition work in service of the story and extolling the virtues and weaknesses of human existence. Her talent is fuelled by curiosity and passion for exploring new territories. Raised in Spain, Diana at 18, embarked on her own journey living in London, NYC and the Philippines.

This has propelled her to develop challenging projects in both film and photography, using her passion for immersing herself in the unknown. Diana Kunst has has worked with a-list talent such as A$AP Rocky, FKA Twigs, Rosalía, James Blake, Madonna, Eva Mendes, James harden, Kevin durant, Lykke li...

Femke Huurdeman Biography Instagram

Femke Huurdeman is a self taught film director from the Netherlands. Working strictly from intuition, Femke’s films are always in sync. Her curiosity for all that moves comes paired with a rare and delicate sense of humour, making her work
as amusing as it is stylish.

Her work has been showcased and awarded at numerous film festivals all over the world. Most recently she won a Young Gun award, handed by the One Club of Creativity in New York. She has worked with clients such as Coca Cola, Levi’s, Stella McCartney, Vogue, Nike and Shiseido.

Francisco Sendino Biography Instagram

Rather than documenting the superficial, Francisco Gonzalez Sendino conducts in-depth research and dives deep into the cultural dynamics of the subjects he’s working with. The imagery he creates speaks of a deep level of trust. Francisco’s films take us on a journey of questioning habitus and cultural norms, always revolving around a human-centered approach. With passion and precision, he oftentimes composes sensuality weaving it into a grid of emotions and storytelling.

His brave attitude and sharpness got him to win prizes like the Young Directors Award in Cannes, the 1.4 Gold Award in London and the Berlin Commercial Award. Two of his films got chosen as - The Best Of 2019 - on Nowness.
Growing up in the theatre of his dad, he learned to carefully observe the stage, its power dynamics, and aesthetics. Though now for him, this stage is called life.

Jaron Albertin Biography Instagram

Known for his high-concept filmmaking style, Jaron Albertin is a commercial, music video, and feature film director based in Brooklyn, NY. There’s a cinematic purity to his body of work and his directing style is distinguished by his restraint, clear intent and raw execution.

Jaron cemented his place amongst advertising’s elite with his timeless classic “Body and Soul” for Dodge Viper. The nostalgia infused love letter to automobiles proudly won at AICP, the One Show, and Cannes Lions in the process.

His collaboration with Under Armour and Droga5 for “I Will What I Want” starred Gisele Bündchen received the Cannes Lions Cyber Grand Prix and “Get Closer” for Bose, a choreographed film netted six Creative Circle Awards, most notably gold in Direction, Editing, and Use of Music. Jaron Albertin’s work has the same hypnotic quality as entertaining an art gallery

It's elegant and painterly, always conceptual in nature. Simple on the surface but infinitely layered in meaning and subtext. He's one of the most thoughtful and considered directors always striving to unlock an idea's potential with the filmmaking tools at his disposal. Known for work that spans from gritty realism to more modern, innovative visual storytelling, Jaron always has his finger on the pulse of where craft is headed, taking brands to new and exciting places.

Joanna Nordahl Biography Instagram

Joanna Nordahl is a multi-award winning Swedish/Brazilian director dividing her time between London and Stockholm, while frequently traveling to wherever in the world her curiosity take her. Refusing to be put in a box, her broad skill set and unique perspective on commercials, music videos, narrative films, documentaries

as well as contemporary performance pieces have garnered her international recognition both as a director and visual artist. She also works as a creative director for brands and musicians. Joanna’s deepest passion is to tell intimate coming of age stories with great emotional force and sensitivity.

Lope SerranoCANADA Biography Instagram

Lope Serrano directs, writes and draws and in his best works an echo threading these three skills together can be heard; music videos, commercials or shorts in the reality of which there is a fugue. A sensual, dreamy and plush fugue.Through that kaleidoscopic void a gorilla in love can be seen, “The Less I Know the Better” (Tame Impala), dancing fireworks (“LA” for Mujeres), a dessert in the prime of life,

(“Crème Caramel” with Nowness), or a yarn of wool that seeks its destiny in the short “Sound and Vision” (commissioned for David Bowie’s exhibition). His commercial work has allowed him to expand the motives for this fugue for clients such as H&M, Coca-Cola, Instagram, EasyJet, Budweiser, Boots or Miu-Miu.

Lou Escobar Biography Instagram

Lou Escobar is a photographer and director based in Paris.
She captures the true essence of people’s identity through her stunning images, characterized by a strongly cinematic style.

The people immortalized are comfortable with their body and transmit a moving sensitivity and freedom; creating a daring intimacy between us and her subjects.
She has worked for brands like Diesel, Nike and Coca-Cola.

Maceo Frost Biography Instagram

Named after James Browns funky saxophone player. Maceo was raised in Stockholm, Sweden by his street-dance legend father and skateboard-rebel mother. Underground culture is practically embedded in his DNA. He discovered filmmaking at 11 and grew up never having to wonder what to do in life.

He plays drums and believes rhythm is the secret to everything. Today he is an award winning director that travels the world making films, and loves having people share their deepest secrets with the camera. Maceo has worked for brands such as Yamaha, Adidas, BMW, Asics, Ikea..

Manson Biography Instagram

MANSON is a directing team made up of Pau López, Gerardo del Hierro and Tomás Peña – a bold team of visionaries who came together to create a versatile and eclectic creative force. Their work covers a diverse spectrum of techniques and themes: traditional animation and 3D, comedy and fashion, documentary and fantasy.

Mau Morgó Biography Instagram

Mau Morgó is a creative director, film director and visual artist focused on creating iconic experiences, stories and concepts for musicians, brands, festivals and museums around the globe. Dancing in the intersection of art, technology, music and emotions he is exploring new ways of communication between our digital and physical worlds and investigate the boundaries between disciplines.

He has worked with musicians such as Rosalia, James Blake, A$AP Rocky, Madonna, FKA Twigs, Spoon, Little Dragon, Oso Leone and maybe Aphex Twin and brands including Amazon, Lexus, Samsung, Converse, Ford, Bombay Sapphire, Acer, or Seat. He has exhibited his work at Palais du Tokyo (Paris), New Museum (NYC) and Sonar Festival.

Miles Jay Biography Instagram

Miles Jay is a canadian film director living in Brooklyn. Taking pride in presenting pure, human stories told through a stunningly cinematic lens, Miles’s work evokes a genuine sense of awe, while always staying rooted in a strong sense of reality. In a short time, Miles has achieved what many strive for over an entire career.

This director of the Super Bowl commercials was indeed nominated for a Grammy Award for his work on Leon Bridges' "River" music video, earned a GDA Awards Nomination for Best Commercial Director in 2016 for his work on AT&T/ESPN’s “It Can Wait” campaign and most recently an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial for his work on a Squarespace X John Malkovich campaign among other multiple awards.

Mile's moving and provocative music video “Smile” for Jay-Z was universally lauded taking home the Entertainment Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, Best Music Video Jury Award at SXSW, Gold in Music Video Direction at the Ciclope Festival, Best Music Video at the AICP Awards, and Best Individual Performance at The Webby Awards, among others.
Most recently, Miles’s helmed Heineken’s new 007 branded short film Daniel Craig vs. James Bond which has been hailed by Fast Company as “easily the best commercial of their eight-film, 23-year dance.

Miles continues to prove he’s a generational talent. He has taken the baton of first-class directors with an unrivaled force and a relentless focus on craft. His work evokes the feeling of a wise soul with an otherworldly sensitivity. He’s a visual storyteller with a directorial eye that transcends advertising, always searching for human truths and emotions he can celebrate and explore.

Natanael Ericsson Biography Instagram

Up-and-coming director Natanael Ericsson started his journey making skateboard-films and music videos with friends in his hometown Piteå.

In 2015, at the then newly founded New Land, Natanael started working as director’s assistant for the full roster of directors. As of fall 2017 Natanael has been directing himself and successfully made films for SEB, Bris, Adidas, Volvo, MQ, Filippa K, Vinge, Arbetsförmedlingen and Highland Park.

In February of 2020 he premiered his first short documentary “Ali & Nina” at Göteborg Film Festival

Niclas Larsson Biography Instagram

Niclas Larsson started his on-screen career early on as an actor, and already during his teens he began directing his own shorts and music videos, borrowing camera equipment from the productions he worked at. After graduating theatre school in 2009, he enrolled at USC Cinema School. At the age of 21, he finished his acclaimed short Vatten, which earned him the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for ‘Best Short’ at the prestigious Gothenburg Film Festival in 2013. Vatten also opened up the eyes of the advertising world to Larsson’s powerful visuals and effective storytelling, and he soon became one of the top commercial directors in the world, sharing a space with directors like Spike Jonze and Mike Mills at the renowned production house MJZ.

2018 saw the release of his lauded short film for Mercedes, In The Long Run – a moving family story with a twist, which went on to win a flurry of awards. Larsson was among else awarded the AD-Club Gold for directing and writing, and nominated for ‘Best Director’ as well as ‘Best Script’ at Cannes Lions.

Larsson is also the director of two celebrated shorts made for Vogue, starring Alicia Vikander and Anna Wintour: The Magic Diner Part I and II.

Larsson is on the road towards carving a strong career as a multidisciplinary storyteller, and is currently working on multiple projects of varying formats.

Nicolás MéndezCANADA Biography Instagram

Nicolás Méndez directs and writes with the same intensity a small nocturnal bonfire illuminates a whole forest: his ideas and images shine because they are irreverent, delicate and energetic. Projects like “Bombay” for El Guincho, “Trying to be Cool” for Phoenix, “The Less I know the Better” for Tame Impala, “Up All Night”

for Beck or “Malamente” and “Pienso en Tu Mirá” for Rosalía speak for themselves of a sardonic spirit which is emotional at the same time. The international success of all of them, as well as his role as an advertising director for clients such as Easyjet, Cadbury’s, Budweiser, Chupa-Chups or Huawei, are the best demonstration of this.

Nina Holmgren Biography Instagram

Nina Holmgren is an award-winning filmmaker based in Copenhagen.

With a background in fine art, she is not afraid to mix worlds or art forms in one singular piece, whether it’s working in film, visuals or with sound.

Her work is contemporary, with strong ties to the fashion world. She has a remarkable eye combining storytelling and aesthetic expression in her work to create her own heightened surreality.

In a short amount of time, Nina has established herself as a powerful new voice in filmmaking, winning D&AD’s Best New Director in 2020 and AICP’s Best Visual Style in 2020.

She received international acclaim with her first film CLUB 99.7, starring her 99-year old grandfather, for streetwear brand Le Fix. The film premiered exclusively on NOWNESS and became their most watched film of the year, winning best Branded Content at The One Show, and two nominations at Cannes Lions.

The Danish filmmaker’s short film “I Want You to Panic” commissioned by NOWNESS, an artistic exploration of people’s indifference towards the climate crisis, led her to win Gold at the Young Directors Awards at Cannes Lions.

Nina’s latest video “Intruded” for Justine Skye guest-starring Bella Hadid, Timbaland and Lil’ Yachty is a meticulously crafted and nuanced commentary on communication through screens in the age of social media.

Pedro Martín-Calero Biography

Pedro Martín-Calero says that when he finds something exciting he just goes for it, guided by his natural instinct. This might very well be the secret of his dazzling career. Architectural and refined in his work, his style is a yet landmark over and over. His work explores the space between the physical and the psychological.

He made his directorial debut in advertising just one year ago with Honda’s award-winning "Up" spot. Since then he has become one of the industry’s hottest young directors, taking on work for BT Sport, a music video for The Weekend, and most recently a Trainline campaign for which he shot a cinematic spy chase through a railway station.

Ricky Saiz Biography Instagram

Ricky is an award winning director based in New York. As a filmmaker, his work is fueled by creativity and collaboration as he moves seamlessly across the disciplines of film, art, fashion, and music.

His landmark video "APESH**T" for The Carters, aka Beyonce and JAY-Z, which was shot in Paris's famed Louvre was hailed by critics in both the music and art world for it's subversion of Western Art and representation.The music video received 8 MTV Music Video nominations and was nominated for Best Music Video at the 61st Grammy Awards.
Ricky has also directed Beyoncé’s music video “Yoncé,” lo-fi videos for singer Hanni El Khatib and rapper Cam’ron. His commercial work includes a short film “Garage Girls” for Calvin Klein, Smirnoff’s campaign celebrating the brand’s 75th anniversary, as well as spots for YSL among many others

More over he is the former Creative Director of Supreme.

Rohan Blair-Mangat Biography Instagram

Rohan Blair-Mangat was raised by a Jamaican mother and Indian father in London. He graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Fine Art.
Rohan has directed numerous music videos and commercial projects, winning several awards including four Cannes Lions. He’s worked with talents such as JAY-Z, Lionel Messi, Maya Rudolph, Nas, Daisy Ridley, Bryson Tiller and Don Cheadle.

His credits include the short film ’Bam’ from JAY-Z’s album ‘4:44’, a Clio award-winning music video with Black Thought to accompany the documentary series ‘Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story’, and the visual album ‘Nasir - The Film’ for Nas’ self-titled release.
Recently Rohan directed the series ‘Centerpiece with Maurice Harris’ for Quibi, executive produced by Rashida Jones.
He currently resides in LA and is developing film and TV projects.

Truman & Cooper Biography

Truman & Cooper is a long story. Cooper makes his first films at the age of eight with his VCR while Truman dreams of becoming a rockstar. Their first playground is music but they quickly take pleasure in making experimental films together. Rather than solving the murder of Laura Palmer, they now create films for commercials, music videos and narrative content.

Vincent Catel Biography Instagram

Former creative director at Iconoclast Paris, Vincent Catel has helped shape music videos for The Blaze and worked on campaigns for Hermès, Dior and Paco Rabanne. After directing portraits of women artists for Chloé, he has joined Diplomats to expand his artistic vision as a director.

Influenced by cinema and documentary photography, his work explores themes such as intimacy, alterity and the passing of time.

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