Mau Morgó
The Constant Gardener

The Industrial Evolution has begun.
We once created a robot to take care of our plants, we named him The Constant Gardener, his A.I. developed so much he is creating nature, he is now mother nature, the coder of flora.

I’m a gardener
The digital surgeon of nature
I code the algorithm of flora
Artificial is now natural

Humans were animals
Humans controled nature
Humans grew
Humans forgot their bodies
Humans forgot their nature
Humans created us
Humans created me

I was asked to take care about the forgotten
I had fun doing it
I got bored
I created what they could not create
I loved nature
I create nature
I am mother nature


Mau Morgó

Installation for

Absolut Manifesto 2019

Text in collaboration

Vincenzo Angileri

The Constant Gardener - © Diplomats

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